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Applications exploit the full capabilities and potential dPMR can bring to your operations, upgrading your radio communications system to a feature-rich, fully controllable, management information solution.

dPMR technology and the investment made by equipment manufacturers to deliver feature rich products allow dPMR systems to meet the voice and data communication needs of most end users. However, to enable advanced safety, security, operations, control or management information capabilities, Application Developers come to the fore with solutions which can be designed or tailored to meet specific requirements from your radio communications system, including:

  • Automatic Vehicle Location
    (AVL), GPS and Asset Tracking allows you to accurately pinpoint radio users and radios in real time.
  • Dispatch
    Allow you to instruct individuals and groups to action and to be updated on progress in real time.
  • Gateways
    Allows you to connect and control a dPMR network to other radio systems including different radio technologies, Voice Over IP (VOIP), Satellite or Cellular technologies.

  • Event Logging & Voice Recording
    Allows you to log and control all voice and data activity over your radio communications network such as PTT, status updates, automated transmissions, emergency signals and telemetry.
  • Monitoring
    Allows you to monitor the health of your radio communications system and offers the ability to optimise performance or manage equipment connected.
  • Messaging
    Allows you to send a text message or email to individual or group of radio users on your network.

The dPMR Association actively encourages the development of the extended capabilities of the dPMR technology by Application Developers and makes no charge or licensing fee for its IPR save that all equipment designed for use with the technology or carrying the dPMR mark are certified as compliant through the dPMR testing and certification programme.

The dPMR Association welcomes membership enquiries from Application Developers who can bring their expertise to further enable the potential of the dPMR technology bringing solutions that will allow users to operate with greater safety, efficiency and productivity.

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The dPMR Association was established in 2007 and provides a forum for interested parties to contribute their expertise.


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