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As a key founding member of the dPMR association and a member of ETSI, CML Microcircuits (CML) participates in the development of digital radio standards with continuous innovative design, manufacture and supply of high performance and low-power analogue, digital and mixed signal semiconductors for telecommunications worldwide.

The Ultimate High Performance PMR/LMR Chipset Solution

The CMX7241/CMX7341 PMR Common Platform Processors provide the ultimate flexibility and enable a radio manufacture to build a single platform radio that supports PMR/LMR standards. All major PMR/LMR systems are supported including: DMR, dPMR, NXDN, ARIB STD-T102, ARIB STD-T98 and legacy Analogue PMR, all with automatic digital/analogue detection.

FirmASIC® component technology is at the heart of the CMX7241/CMX7341. This allows on-chip sub-systems to be reconfigured by a Function Image™ (FI); this is a data file that is uploaded during device initialisation that defines the device's function and feature set. Dual mode and multi-mode digital PMR/LMR radios can now be developed based on a single radio platform conforming to a number of digital PMR systems/standards all with full analogue PMR backward compatibility.

The combination of the CMX994A/E low power RF Direct Conversion Receiver (DCRx) IC and the CMX7341 PMR/LMR Common Platform Processor enables a highly integrated, cost effective radio to be developed quickly with a low risk development route. The makes them ideally suited to radio manufacturers planning to enter the Digital PMR market space and providing a fast development path to enter the Multi-standard PMR/LMR market.

Vocoder Support

Function Images manage voice and data systems autonomously with the CMX618 RALCWI (Robust Advanced Low Complexity Waveform Interpolation) Vocoder, CMX7262 TWELP (Tri-Wave Excited Linear Prediction) and other third-party Vocoders such as AMBE+2. This minimises host microcontroller interactions enabling the lowest overall operating power and therefore the longest battery life for a digital PMR radio.

The combination of CMX7341 and CMX994A/E Direct Conversion Receiver (DCRx) ICs enables a small, low cost, low power consumption multi-standard PMR/LMR system to be realised.

  • dPMR™ Air Interface + Analogue PMR/LMR - Function Image™ 7241/7341FI-1.x
  • Automatic digital/analogue call detection
  • dPMR™ - ETSI TS 102 490, TS 102 658 Mode 1/2/3 compliant
  • Analogue PMR/LMR - EN 300 08, EN 300 296 and TIA-603-D compliant
  • Rx I/Q and LD support (CMX7341 includes differential inputs)
  • Codec support for RALCWI®, AMBE+2™, TWELP® Vocoders
  • Direct connection to autonomous control of CMX994A/E DCRx IC

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