Markets and Applications:
From the City to the Country

dPMR can help you make the most of all the information you receive; bringing it all together to improve services.

Cities and rural areas make different demands on the public services which keep them running safely, smoothly and efficiently. A vast array of sources provides the data and intelligence, which in combination, contribute to informing the resources to deliver the essential services, from housing, waste collection, transport, roads and social services to keeping public spaces and amenities safe and available to all. dPMR can be put to work in making sense of all that input and help you to manage and coordinate these operations and mission critical services to the benefit of the public.

Starting now

Building a city wide, regional or national voice and data enabled communication system with dPMR to bring together public service agencies is both a practical and cost-effective option. dPMR technology, gateways and applications can be configured to work with existing networks and infrastructure to provide the basis for orderly migration to full digital operation over time.

The Future

The scalability of a dPMR system lends it the flexibility and capacity that will allow you to forward plan your communication systems and networks well into the future. Whether considering known contingencies or planning for the unforeseen; dPMR technology gives you the means and confidence to meet the demands of both.

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The dPMR Association was established in 2007 and provides a forum for interested parties to contribute their expertise.


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