Case Studies

From safety and security to operational efficiency and from powerplants to airports and resorts; discover how dPMR digital two-way radio systems have been put to work across a wide variety of end-user applications.

The Scottish North Coast 500

Icom licence-free dPMR446 two-way radios used on Scottish North Coast 500 photoshoot with professional adventurers, the Turner Twins.

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Efficient Hotel Communications

How Kenwood ProTalk® TK-3601D license-free dPMR 446 brings advanced flexibility to hotel operations.

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United Nations (UNHCR)

Flexibility, scalability and rapid deployment were critical factors in the selection of dPMR Digital by UNHCR.

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Eurotunnel Construction Project

The installation of physical security upgrades at a Eurotunnel terminal called for clear communications throughout the site.

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Sharjarh International Airport

dPMR supporting operations and service delivery with adaptable communications and centralised control.

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French Red Cross

GPS positioning, data transmission, audio quality and compatibility with legacy analogue defines the application of dPMR for the French Red Cross.

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Whale Watch Kaikōura

Discover why Whale Watch Kaikōura in New Zealand’s South Island made the switch from DMR Tier 3 to dPMR.

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All Star Lanes

How does a simple, cost-effective dPMR 446 system bring improved efficiency and customer satisfaction?

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Nuclear Research Facility

A dPMR Mode 3 system provides mission-critical communications at a nuclear research facility.

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Fleury Merogis Prisons

A dPMR Mode 3 multisite trunked system eases migration from analogue MPT1327 to digital operation.

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The Wordsworth Trust

Digital dPMR446 bringing words to life at the Lake District home of poet William Wordsworth.

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PAMR Trunked Network

A dPMR trunked network developed to provide communications coverage for customers in New Zealand.

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