Markets and Applications
Power, Water and More

Utilities companies run at the heart of modern life; everything we do begins and ends with these businesses.

From power stations to water treatment and pumping, gas supply and more; all these complex operations need supporting with up to the minute, functional radio communication services. Working on a diverse range of sites, sometimes in remote locations, your radio communications will be working hard to protect both staff and assets. Radio systems can be used to support lone workers, connect otherwise inaccessible sites and supply control information back to central control. Radios can be rated and Certificates where necessary to meet the demands of difficult environments, including ATEX rating etc.

Power Stations

Radio installations in power stations will be used to control perimeters, support lone workers and assist with security functions. Multiple channels will operate separately for the majority of the time; being brought together where necessary. The communications system will also be used to support the supply chain into the power station.

Water and More

Water pump stations, treatment and pipelines; all these processes work together to bring water into urban areas. The reality of this is that production and treatment plants may be located in remote situations where other communication systems are not present or cannot be relied upon.

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