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Here's the combination to unlock performance and value in radio communications.

If you’re looking for a low-complexity, cost-effective, ETSI compliant digital radio communication technology that offers improved reception in fringe areas compared to other digital 12.5 kHz or FM Analogue technologies, and is available in PMR446, digital conventional, IP and Trunked Radio formats in a Multi-Vendor ecosystem.

15% Extra Range For Free

The narrower bandwidth of 6.25 kHz dPMR digital and its lower Bit Error Rate can extend range by 15% and offer improved clarity over a 30% wider coverage area compared to 12.5 kHz analogue; meaning fewer repeaters are required for the same coverage area.

If you’re migrating from analogue to digital radio communications, discover more about the advantages of dPMR

From License Free dPMR446 to Low Cost, Low Complexity, Spectrum Efficient dPMR Trunked Networks, make the leap to digital with confidence.

Value added into every certified dPMR446 Professional License-free radio

With 6.25kHz narrowband digital radio communications technology, 32 digital channels (double that of other digital formats), compatibility with existing analogue PMR446 and certified dPMR446 digital devices and License Free convenience, you’ll find real added value built into dPMR446 radios.

How to increase radio communications coverage and reduce cost

The smaller 6.25 kHz bandwidth used by dPMR digital improves reception in fringe areas when compared to digital 12.5 kHz or FM analogue operation. This results in lower radio infrastructure costs in wide area coverage radio communication systems as fewer repeaters and radio sites are required to provide seamless roaming between sites.

A fast-track solution from CML to developing a certifiable dPMR radio

Looking to fast-track from analogue production to ETSI compliant dPMR digital/analogue? Manufacturers can start with an existing analogue radio, replace the baseband processor with the low power, 38mW, SCT3258TD processor from CML, which together with an external codec including AMBE2 or RALCWI, achieves the base dPMR and analogue radio function. In digital mode it can sense the presence of analogue PMR and automatically switch operating mode.

Icom licence-free dPMR446 two-way radios used on Scottish North Coast 500 photoshoot with professional adventurers

Read about the benefits of the 32-digital + 16-analogue channels, clear communications, and long battery life of the Icom IC-F29DR2 License Free, professional dPMR446 radios put to use by Ross and Hugo The Turner Twins during their recent North Coast 500 adventure on electric motorcycles.

Right now, we are seeking additional professional radio equipment manufacturers

dPMR is a multi-vendor, open ETSI standard and right now, we are seeking additional professional radio equipment manufacturers to explore the development of certified products employing the proven, spectrum-efficient dPMR digital FDMA protocol.

Greater coverage with dPMR equals lower infrastructure costs

The lower Bit Error Rate from narrowband 6.25 kHz dPMR digital can extend range by up to 15% and result in improved clarity over a 30% wider coverage area compared to 12.5 kHz analogue; meaning fewer repeaters for the same coverage area.

Free this Black Friday and every other day of the week

Over the next few days, you're likely to be bombarded with Black-Friday offers, but if you’re looking for durable, professional, License Free PMR446 radios, you’ll find @etsi.standards dpmr446 delivers exceptional performance and value every day of the year.

Little wonder dPMR 446 has become the world's favourite licence-free digital format

Here it is! The latest product to receive dPMR interoperability certification. Introducing the innovative Kenwood Communications, TK-3701D, License Free, digital dPMR PMR446 Hand Portable. With 32 digital and 16 analogue channels.

dPMR is the first choice of professional users including schools and universities.

Digital, License Free, dPMR446 two-way radio communication enables instant, reliable voice communications at the push of a button and without the higher costs, distractions or coverage blackspots associated with mobile phones – little wonder it’s the first choice of Pro-Users including schools and universities.

Higher Performance with Lower Cost

Spectrum Efficient dPMR 6.25kHz true narrowband digital technology offers you greater coverage for fewer radio repeaters & as most radio licenses are priced by spectrum, it also offers better value than 12.5kHz #narrowband equivalent technologies.

Whether on a field trip or on campus, dPMR digital enhances safety and efficiency

dPMR digital provides reliable Two Way Radio coverage on Field Trips and across large schools, college and university campuses; giving Educators, Facilities and Security Teams access to instant one-to-one or group communications that enable safer, more efficient operations.

Supporting the quest for safe, sustainable energy solutions

Read how a dPMR Mode 3 single site trunked radio communication system supports operations, worker safety and radio resilience at ITER (International Thermonuclear Experimental Reactor), the world's largest nuclear fusion reactor.

Integrate your Radio Communications

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dPMR digital radio communications smoothing the flow of global logistics

With increased global demand for vaccines, medical supplies, food and goods at this time, keeping transport and logistics operations and infrastructure operating at maximum efficiency is critical.

Read more about how dPMR radio communications can help ensure 100% communications availability in key transport operations.

Before you invest in a digital radio communications system, download our free guide

Before you invest in a digital radio communications system, download our free guide on the potential Interoperability pitfalls between devices operating on different air interfaces and even those operating in the same standard. A short read could save you money in the long run.

implementing a bold plan takes both determination and the right tools

Whether it’s ensuring physical distancing, managing mass testing and vaccination programmes or enhancing operational efficiency, the boldest plans demand that all involved are connected and can work seamlessly. dPMR digital radio communication solutions can deliver the proven critical communications needed to ensure successful outcomes.

Radio Communications working in front of and behind the scenes

We all know that behind the scenes scientists have worked tirelessly to find and prove vaccines against Covid19, while millions of others do the same to deliver the essential food and services we need. We take pride in the fact that RadioCommunications is there in support; providing instant, reliable communications in all situations. Discover the facts about dPMR Cost Effective digital solutions

Invest in your future

The dPMR Association is offering reduced fee membership at €50 per academic year to students of Electronics, Electrical Engineering and Wireless Communications. The aim is to provide access to the Association documents to assist them in the analysis of digital radio communications technologies and preparation of papers, whilst also exposing students to real market conditions in a dynamic and progressive Electronics field.

About us

The dPMR Association was established in 2007 and provides a forum for interested parties to contribute their expertise.


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