Applying to Use the Trade Mark

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The dPMR Association will grant use of the dPMR Trade Mark to manufacturers of equipment that has demonstrated, to the satisfaction of the dPMR Association Technical Group, that it complies with all relevant parts of the ETSI conformance and interoperability standards.

Applicants will be invited to complete a functionality table for their equipment, such as that found in the ETSI TS102 726 PICS document. The testing applicable will be decided by the declared functionality. The dPMR Technical Group will also specify which current dPMR products shall be used for the purposes of the interoperability testing. Applicants may then undertake the nominated testing in the presence of a dPMR Technical Group member or at an independent test laboratory of their choice.

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The dPMR Association was established in 2007 and provides a forum for interested parties to contribute their expertise.


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