Oil and Gas

Markets and Applications:
Working in extreme environments

dPMR provides safe and robust communications in these; the harshest of environments.

From land based production to rigs in the wildest parts of the world dPMR will be the cornerstone of communications. From long range communications with supply chains coming into a site to on site health and safety, radio communications have an important role to play. Handsets and hardware will be fully compliant with the stringent controls necessary for explosive atmospheres and dangerous environments. Radio communications will stand at the heart of all alarm systems from the most routine scenarios through to full scale evacuation.

The long haul

dPMR can work across extremely large sites supporting workers and the flow of information where other communication methods are not available or are not financially viable. dPMR will work along pipelines and across large sites equally.


dPMR systems can be configured to enable you to meet your health and safety duties but also to go further and allow your business to operate as well as possible in the worst possible situations. When alarms are triggered communications systems can be structured to operate on reduced power to keep explosion risks low, for example.

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